Are You Wake-Up Wendy (or Will)?

Are you someone who wants to shine, but instead, your once bright light has become nothing more than a faint flicker? Did you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and suddenly realize that you no longer recognize the person you see standing there? Do you wonder what happened to the woman that you used to know, or once dreamed of becoming? Maybe you are "Wake-Up Wendy" (or Will).


Who is Wendy?

Wendy is a fabulous woman, who elegantly wears many sombreros. She can do it all, and she can do it well. She always seems to do it with grace and style. On a good day, Wendy can whip up yummy meals to satisfy her family, create the cutest cupcakes for the school fundraiser and help care for her aging parents. She volunteers for hours and hours, shows up for her friends at their time of need and wins awards at work for being the most valuable employee. Wendy can create a house that feels like a home and makes juggling work, family and friends look fun...

The only thing Wendy is missing is "enough". Wendy is sure that there is never enough... never enough time, energy, money or patience to go around. Wendy does not feel good enough to enjoy her days. She does not always feel like she is deserving enough or that she is capable enough.  She does not find enough time to take care of her own needs because she spreads herself so thin trying to do enough for others. Somehow, doing everything for everyone else always seems to feel way more rewarding. Somehow avoiding looking in the mirror, is easier than facing these feelings of not enough. And besides, Wendy simply brushes these feelings aside because she always says that she is "fine."


What do Wendy's issues tend to be?

Wendy secretly wishes that she was fine. Quite frankly, Wendy can't even remember the last time that she felt fine, or the last time that she allowed herself to feel her feelings, at all. That's because Wendy is so exhausted from taking care of everyone else's needs instead of paying attention to her own. She pushes herself onto the back burner and worries about everyone and everything else instead. Wendy’s days blur from one to the next. Feeling exhausted, she reaches for the caffeine in the morning, candy bars and carbs in the afternoon and even a glass of wine to wind down at night. Wendy pushes herself harder and harder until she finds herself skimping on nutritious meals and skipping out on much needed sleep. 

The days and months turn to years, which eventually turn to overwhelm, overweight, exhaustion, isolation, desperation and depression. In the past, Wendy has tried everything to take better care of herself. She has tried every diet but only seems to pack on more pounds. She has been to every doctor but winds up getting more prescriptions than relief. Eventually, Wendy turns her back on herself and her health, and she suffers in silence with her symptoms. She tries to keep her head above water, avoids looking in the mirror at all costs and tends to ignore her tight-fitting, favorite pair of jeans.

To most of us, Wendy looks like the ideal woman on the outside, but underneath it all, Wendy just wants to crawl back into bed. She wishes that someone would simply swoop in and take care of her.


What does Wendy need most right now?

Wendy desperately needs to say "No" to others and "Yes" to herself. She needs to give herself permission to learn how to carve out time to care for herself. She needs to learn how to feel deeply deserving, instead of feeling guilt, blame and shame. She needs to commit to controlling her time and setting better boundaries instead of feeling overwhelmed with her "to do" list. She needs to sit down and slow down, let the stress slip away, and sleep more soundly. She longs for love, laughter and fun - and even to feel a little foolish. She imagines herself looking slimmer and feeling sexy! She is ready to finally look good and feel good. She is willing to trade in her coffee and candy bars and finally give up counting calories. She is craving clarity in who she really is, confidence to do what it takes, and contentment from doing so. She dares to dream about feeling purposeful and passionate and powerful again!

She is ready to learn how to make long-lasting changes. She is committed to caring for herself, and ready to take full responsibility for her results. She is happy to make investments in herself. Wendy is willing to do the work. She just needs someone to support her along the way and to help her simplify her steps. She wants someone who will teach her the tools of what to do and where to begin to heal her health. She needs someone who she can trust and turn to. Someone who will listen to her and appreciate her for exactly who she is and where she is right now. Wendy finally understands that if she does not care for herself, no one else will. Wendy is looking for that certain someone to appreciate her, hold her hand and hold her accountable at every step along the way. Wendy is ready for someone to show her the steps to take to walk her way to wellness.


Who is there for Wendy?

I AM AN EXPERT IN FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION. I work with women like Wendy every day.

I believe that every woman wants to look good, feel good and live life on purpose with passion. I support women who wake up one morning, look in the mirror and suddenly no longer recognize who they see standing there. That’s because they are overwhelmed, overweight and exhausted. They feel desperation and isolation, so they suffer in silence with their symptoms. I know that woman, because I once walked in her shoes  until I discovered the tools of Functional Medicine! Now, as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Lifestyle Practitioner, I teach other women how to carve out time to care for themselves, and heal their health through the lenses of both lifestyle and nutritional choices. I help women to create a personalized and individualized plan to meed their needs. Is it time for you to Nourish Your Needs?


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