You are a woman that wants to do it all, but one thing stands in your way? Mostly, you find, that there are not enough hours in your day for you to simply take care of yourself.

Who Is Tina?

Tina is a fabulous woman, who elegantly wears many sombreros. She can do it all and she can do it well, and she always seems to do it with grace and style. She is super health conscious. Tina can whip up yummy meals to satisfy her family, and create the cutest cupcakes for the school fundraiser. She volunteers hours and hours for what she is most passionate about, shows up for her friends at their time of need, and wins awards at work for the most valuable employee. This amazing woman can design a birthday bash or throw a dinner party on a whim, and makes her house look like a home. Tina makes juggling work, family and friends, look simple! The only thing Tina is missing is enough - enough time to listen to her body and take care of her own needs. Somehow doing everything for everyone seems more rewarding. And besides, Tina says she is fine.

What Tina’s Issues Tend To Be?

Tina secretly wishes she were fine. Quite frankly, Tina can’t even remember the last time she felt fine, or the last time she even “felt” her feelings at all. That’s because Tina is so overwhelmed with taking care of everyone else's  needs, that she has pushed herself onto the back burner. She doesn’t even think about herself anymore, because she is busy playing the “worry” channel in her mind instead. Tina’s days blur as she wakes up feeling exhausted, reaches for the caffeine in the morning, candy bars and carbs in the afternoon, and even a glass of wine, to relax at night. The days and months turn to overwhelm. Sometimes Tina feels that she is not enough, and she is sure that there is never enough... never enough time, energy, money or patience.  Tina has tried everything to take better care of herself. Tina pushes herself harder and harder until she finds herself snacking on sugar, skipping meals and much needed sleep. She goes from doctor to doctor and gets more prescriptions than relief. Tina turns her back on herself on on her symptoms. She tries to keep her head above water, avoids looking in the mirror at all costs,  and tends to ignore her tight fitting, favorite pair of jeans!  To most of us, Tina looks like the ideal woman, but underneath it all, Tina just wants to crawl back into bed.  She wonders when someone is finally going to do something nice for her.

What Does Tina Need Most Right Now?

Tina wishes she could say “No” to others and “Yes” to herself. She wants to give herself permission to care for herself and feel  deserving and more motivated, instead of quilt,  blame and shame. She longs to learn how to control her time, set better boundaries and simplify her days. She would give anything to sit down and slow down, sleep more soundly, reduce her stress levels and feel grounded again. She knows that she needs to eat foods that really feed her, and get her body moving again, because she can tell that she is totally off track. She longs for  the relationships she once had and dreams of laughter and fun and even feeling a little foolish. She pictures herself looking slimmer and feeling slightly sexy! She is craving clarity, confidence and contentment. She wants to stand up straight with self-esteem, dare to dream and feel full of passion for what she is doing. She is ready to leave the worry behind, and relax in the moment. Tina is willing to learn how to make long lasting changes. Tina needs someone to help her figure out what to do next, and simplify the steps. She wishes she had someone who would really  "get" her and grant her permission to care for herself. She finally understands that if she doesn’t, no one else will. Tina is looking for that certain someone to support her and hold her accountable at every step along the way.

I work with Tina’s everywhere. I support busy women who are fully dedicated to carving out time to care for themselves. Are you Tina? Would you like to Nourish Your Needs? One conversation could change your life.