The Need for Nourishment

Do you settle for less?

Are you drained from work, friends and family?

Are you feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and undeserving?

Do you suffer from gas, bloating, brain fog and fatigue?

Do you feel like you are constantly trying to swim upstream?

Are you feeling a sense of isolation, desperation or depression?

Have you been to every doctor and get more prescriptions than relief?

Do you wish you could sleep more soundly and wake up feeling rested?

Are you feeling like an emotional rollercoaster? Or have you ever been accused of it?

Do you have the "FLC" syndrome where you Feel Like Crap and may even look like crap?

Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, overworked and running on overdrive?

Maybe you don't know what to do, where to begin or who to trust?

Are you avoiding looking in the mirror and feeling your feelings?

Are you self-medicating yourself with food or other activities?

Have you tried every diet and still pack on the pounds?

Are you stuck in self sabotage?


Maybe you are Wake-Up Wendy (or Will)...