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What Clients are Saying:


That's why someone like you is needed - someone to teach, unlearn things, help navigate... otherwise changing the things you've done for so long would be difficult - you can read it in a book but applying it to your personal situation requires guidance. Thanks again - you're making a difference in my life, and the quality of my life.

—Joe R. Pittsford, NY



Kathleen’s workshop was a wakeup call to how my body functions and what I can do every day to help it.I enthusiastically recommend her workshop series.

— SGM, Block Island, RI


I'm so glad that I started this journey with Kathleen. I have been able to make huge strides in improving my health with her coaching. She has taught me a lot about how my body works and has coached me in a gentle but firm way. Her knowledge of Functional Medicine is impressive and she has helped guide me through what I need to do to seek proper medical care and make lifestyle changes. My stress, sleep, diet and exercise have all improved and Kathleen’s encouragement has really helped me change and head in the right direction to heal my body.

— Sue from Astoria, Oregon


“Kathleen is passionate, well respected and results oriented. As a dedicated functional nutritionist, she engages with her clients, teaching them tools to be motivated, energized and empowered.”

— Janet Johnson


"Kathleen is very knowledgeable and supportive, and her approach to self-care is practical and manageable. Working with her as a health coach has been a tremendous help for me.  After just a few weeks, I started sleeping better and having fewer digestive issues. I feel lighter and more energetic than I have in a long time!"

— M.G.  Massachusetts


"To my amazement, the inflammation in my joints has decreased noticeably. I no longer need the arthritis medication and the Prilosec that was prescribed. I have lost considerable body fat and feel more energetic in a very short period of time."

— K.B. North Kingstown, RI


"You are the first person to really understand me and how I feel in this way. You are always there, one step ahead of me. I need my Health Coach!"

— K.M. Boonton, NJ


"Kathleen is a phenomenal coach. She is inquisitive, informative, and can get to the root of what holds me back with lightning speed because of her excellent listening skills. She has been an asset to my personal growth and helped me to heal my body by choosing to nourish ALL of my needs. The insight Kathleen has is just incredible, and I am so grateful to have her continual support."

—S.R. Montpelier


"After years of chronic abdominal pain and intestinal distress, both my IBS specialist and doctor knew my health journey required the unique attention of a functional wellness coach. Kathleen Mitchell was a godsend. She is an extremely knowledgeable,compassionate and dedicated coach, and she helped me take back my health.  She truly cares for each and every one of her clients. She is an advocate for your health, and she educates you on how to become one as well. My doctors have been amazed at my progress and praise her work. I am truly thankful for Kathleen Mitchell, and I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is ready to reclaim their health and life."

— J.W.  Washington D.C.


"I've learned so much from you in such a short time. You are so good at explaining things!" 

— S.H. Burlington, VT


"I have to say that you are one of the best Health Coaches there is. You have made my life so much better. Thank you for all you have done. Love you."  

 — A.R.  New Jersey


"Kathleen is passionate about helping you to get your health back. From my own experience I have found that if you are willing to put the time into improving your health, you can always count on Kathleen to be there for you."      

— T.M. Rhode Island


"Kathleen's workshop at Newport Community Yoga was interesting and motivating. I felt like she really heard my experiences and saw me for who I truly am. She is passionate about what she knows and curious about each individual story - a hugely refreshing change from other healthcare professionals. Our conversation and her presentation have stuck with me, rolling around in my mind now for days." 

— Stephanie Robb, Newport, RI  M.A.  Holistic Leadership  CAGS Expressive and Creative Arts


"Getting to know Kathleen and learning about functional nutrition has been such a pleasure!  She is supportive, knowledgeable and eager to help wherever she can.  She is incredibly easy to talk to and her dedication to improving the wellbeing of others is infectious.  I'm grateful to have met Kathleen and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is trying to make a positive change in their life." 

— K.G. Narragansett, RI


“The Understanding Your Secrets to Self Care: Workshop opened my eyes to new ways of healthy thinking that will help me manage stress. The best advice I have gotten in a while, from Ms. Mitchell, was that “ We are where we need to be” in life, and just to relax and enjoy the now. Coming out of the workshop I felt like a had a clearer sense of myself, and that felt really great."

— S.G. Providence


“This workshop provided an all-encompassing look into holistic self-care that was truly educational and motivating. I found    myself walking away being more cognizant of my daily choices and making efforts to increase my overall wellness. 

— B.S. Lewes, Delaware


"Combined with her expertise and humor, Ms. Mitchell's presentation was engaging, interactive and thoughtful. Her view of health at a holistic level helped me and the students. This was an outstanding presentation!

— D.M. Providence, RI, RISD, Providence, RI


“I had a wonderful experience attending Kathleen Mitchell’s workshop. For a very long time I have approached wellness with the mindset that I have mountains of work to do and it seems overwhelming. Kathleen’s presentation really resonated with me as she explored the concept of accepting that you are right where you need to be to start your journey. Following that, through a series of exercises and reflection showed us that achieving wellness for yourself can be done in small steps with small rewards to make positive changes. I am very thankful that I was able to attend her workshop and have begun making some small but impactful changes in my lifestyle already.

— S.L. Mystic, CT


"The information you provided showed that you have a deep understanding of what our students need to be aware of in regards to their digestive system and general health, and that you have a sincere passion working with and educating people. Your presentation was well organized, provided a nice element of humor and most importantly was very informative. Our students walked away with a wealth of information."

— Dale Dintamen, Director of Residential Life, High Mowing School, Wilton, NH


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